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Why Lean?

Lean is about delivering customer defined value. Lean streamlines processes and removes waste while six sigma reduces process variation. A Lean culture aligns, involves, engages and empowers your workforce in a continuous improvement mindset that focuses on delivering stronger value to your customer.

Why us?

Lean Performance Development, Inc. serves successful businesses in the Rochester, New York region - providing simple, pragmatic solutions utilizing Lean Six Sigma tools and mindsets that we help you customize and surgically implement to address your unique business needs. We roll up our sleeves and work together with you to adapt the correct Lean tools, at the right time to help your organization achieve your goals. Our approach has already successfully worked:

+ in many industries, technologies, and product offerings

+ for B2b and B2C companies, in a range of structures & cultures

+ in single, multi-site, multi-state and multi-country businesses

+ in both union and non-union shops

+ in manufacturing and business processes

Why now?

+ simple solutions tailored to your company size and needs

+ minimal investment

+ short lead times

+ limited risk

+ positive workforce engagement

+ impressive, lasting impact

+ trusted, deep topic matter expertise

+ proven ability to get things done

Wm. David Levesque

Over 30 years of line and staff level Operations experience in technical and managerial roles

+ B2C and B2B experience

+ Industry experience: Automotive, Optics,

Consumer Goods, Computer,


+ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

+ MPM, NPDP, CPIM certified

+ Bachelors Industrial Admin.

General Motors Institute

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